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Courtney Kalmanson, Psy.D.


Clinical Experience

Dr. Courtney Kalmanson is a post-doctoral trainee in clinical psychology. Dr. Kalmanson achieved her bachelor’s degree at Florida State University and completed a master’s degree in clinical/counseling psychology at Radford University. Building on this foundation, she accomplished an additional master’s degree and Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology at Florida Institute of Technology. Dr. Kalmanson completed her pre-doctoral internship at a community mental health center in Northwest Indiana. She has experience in residential and inpatient settings, community mental health, and private practices. Her area of specialty includes treating survivors of domestic violence and child abuse. She practices from a trauma-informed, integrative treatment approach.

Along with her experience providing therapy, Dr. Kalmanson has conducted psychological and neuropsychological assessments for individuals across the lifespan for diagnostic clarification, treatment recommendations, ADHD evaluations, learning disability evaluations, autism spectrum evaluations, court-mandated evaluations, child and parent evaluations within the child welfare systems, and trauma-specific evaluations. She values ongoing education and has taught many courses within the field of psychology at the university level.


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