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James McClymonds, Psy.D., HSPP

Clinical Experience

Dr. James McClymonds is a licensed psychologist with over 10 years of clinical experience in psychotherapy and psychological assessments. He received his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology after graduating from the University of Florida and he is currently licensed to practice psychology in both Illinois and Indiana. His experience ranges from settings including private practices, a forensic treatment center, community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, and outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment centers. He has conducted psychological assessments for adults and children for diagnosis, recommendations, ADHD evaluations, developmental evaluations, psychoeducational/ability evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations, behavioral evaluations for children, and evaluations for legal/forensic purposes. He has taught classes at University of Florida and Georgia School of Professional Psychology. In addition, he has given several lectures in the areas of substance abuse and recovery, forensic evaluations, anger management, relationship skills, stress management, and communication skills. If you would like to view his vitae, please click on the link below to view it on LinkedIn.


Therapeutic Approach

Dr. McClymonds specializes in Brief Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy which can best be described as supportive, caring, and practical. These approaches are very effective for solving problems by identifying the factors contributing to the problems, identifying current strengths and building new skills to solve these problems, and then working towards implementing these into your life. Furthermore, these therapeutic approaches are scientifically shown to be the most efficient towards quickly achieving your goals because they are more focused on what is relevant to your immediate goals.


A Typical Session

In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, Dr. McClymonds offers a highly personalized approach tailored to your individual needs. For this reason, therapy sessions with him differ depending on your personal style, situation, and goals. In general though you can expect to discuss the current events happening in your life and your personal history relevant to your presenting concern during the beginning sessions. Expect him to have suggestions to help as he gets to know you better. While throughout the process, he will check-in with you for feedback on how you think the progress is going and what your thoughts are on the plan you and he are implementing to help you reach your goals. Upon request, he can perform a psychological evaluation to provide more immediate clarification on a variety of questions.



Dr. McClymonds accepts insurance and can coordinate with your insurance provider to verify benefits prior to your first session for your convenience. He is currently an in-network provider with BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Medicare, and United Behavioral Health/Optum.



Dr. McClymonds participated in A Collaborative Outcomes Resource Network (ACORN) for tracking treatment efficiency in 2015 and 2016 and received their ACORN Criteria for Effectiveness (ACE) status each month he was involved in the program, which was only given to the most effective and efficient clinicians as determined by a group of statisticians evaluating client outcomes.



phone - (312) 348-6296

email -

Dr. McClymonds is currently taking on new clients for ADHD testing and other forms of psychological testing. You can use the link below to schedule an interview appointment with him which is the 1st step of the testing process. Or you can call or email him for a free phone consultation.

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