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Couples Therapy

Do you feel exhausted from the constant arguing with your partner and alone in your relationship? Are you losing the connection with your partner which helped you fall in love with each other? The good news is that couples therapy can help. When you see me for couples therapy, we will create a plan together to work through high-conflict situations and stressful transitions so that you can find peace again and rekindle the connection with your partner. Give me a call today for a free consultation and we can put together a preliminary plan over the telephone.

I use the most up to date research to help couples learn the skills necessary to reduce conflict, regain intimacy, and improve communication. Through couples therapy you will learn how to take responsibility for your relationship and become empowered to create the type of relationship you want.  We will work together to teach you how to break unhealthy habits and develop new healthy skills!

Couples therapy will help you…

-Learn how to communicate

-Be a team in all areas

–Handle conflict in a productive way

-Gain emotional intimacy

-Learn to have fun again

-Rekindle sexual intimacy

-Improve your parenting

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